Marianna’s Bio

Marianna Morttease is a international woman of mystery. She is the secret love child of Dr Holly Goodhead and James Bond. She never knew her birth parents as she was raised by her “Aunt” and “Uncle” the Honorable Mrs. and Reverend Boegard Mortess with her suspiciously identical looking cousin Lizzy Jean in West Texas. The Mortess family was well respected in their community but there were whispers about their “daughters” real parentage. No one said anything because one does not repeat gossip to a Baptist Minister and his wife especially about their daughters.

Marianna was a studious student unlike her wild child cousin and spent a few years in London after a visit from a Ms Moneypenny after she graduated with honors from college. Her family has no idea what she did those few years as she was very secretive about her time. She said something about being in the Royal Shakespeare Company. She seemed to have been”touring” because her aunt would sometimes hear her speak a foreign tongue. When she returned she was more refined and started to have an arsenal of ancient weapons such as swords and deadly looking hair accessories. All of these never made her family question her day job.

Marianna is trained in the art of middle eastern dance, ballet, and disguise. She is a skilled seamstress and can transform an item of clothing to become a new item. Her mechanical skills are astonishing and her driving skills rival that of a NASCAR or stunt driver. She has been also trained in the art of seduction and fine martinis (shaken not stirred of course) much to the remiss of her family.

Her family has no earthly idea what her actual job is but she seems to travel frequently to far off places like eastern Ohio and Ocean City,Maryland. She can communicate with sailors in several countries quite fluently.

International Woman Of Mystery and Burlesque Performer